Surbhi Pandya is the cofounder and designer behind VIVAAN diamond jewelry.   The spiritual aspect of life has always attracted Surbhi, as she is known for her energy cleansing work. Surbhi has been sharing her findings in the spiritual realm with other seekers for a long time.  Surbhi focuses on uplifting one’s energy and consciousness while allowing one’s natural abilities to unfold in the most beautiful ways. In fact, her guiding principle in life is: “Every moment is beautiful.”

Having been born into the diamond business, the product of many generations in this field, Surbhi spent most of her early years studying diamonds and their ability to influence human psychology and what causes emotions. Early on, Surbhi found that raw as well as polished diamonds are worn best and most enjoyed after the cleansing of prior energy impregnations so that the inherent beauty of the diamonds is freely shared by the person wearing them with the people who come into contact with the wearer. The VIVAAN jewelry collection is coupled with its unique "energy power" making for cherished assets.